1882 – The community, including the surrounding districts of Iron Springs, Huer Hureo and Highland were part of the Santa Margarita, Pozo-Huer Huero Methodist circuit, which was served at intervals by preachers in true Wesleyan style, arriving on horseback. Services were held in the open air or in homes. Two years later, the worshippers assembled at a large oak tree on the banks of the West Branch Creek, two miles south of Creston, where services were conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Orville Snow. By winter, the services were moved to an adobe building on the Vatchel Ranch, also being used for school and public meetings.

1885 – Fall, ground was broken and a cornerstone laid for a church building at Second and Adams Streets. The property, was sold by C.H. Phillips and C.J. Cressey for one dollar, was conveyed by Attorney Frank Cressey to Trustees, R.P. Edmonson, C.H. Withrow, H. Penborthy, T. Hood, and H.B. Smith.

1886 – May, the framework of native pine was milled at the Conlee Lumber Mill in Huer Huero. Other lumber used was shipped from San Francisco to Port Hartford, now Port San Luis. Then Jim Scott hauled it by wagon team, a three to four day trip. This Methodist Church, the second Protestant Church north of the Cuesta Grade, was completed with volunteer help. The church was dedicated to the Lord on the Third Sunday of May.

1891 – April 22, the Deed for the Church building was recorded.

Our church has enjoyed a long history of serving our community. Many people and pastors have passed through our doors and we welcome you to become part of our story.